Stop the Silence, Make it OK! Let’s Talk Mental Health

Tribeless Youth together with young people challenge stereotypes associated with mental health illnesses. We intend to their root causes and develop solutions through sustained civic activities, advocacy and dialogue. The dialogues are two-pronged to address risk factors, which predispose individuals to mental illness.

The shocking statistics on Mental health care in Kenya.
1️⃣ 5 in every 6 mentally ill Kenyans do not receive treatment.
2️⃣ Mental health care services available in only 29 of 284 hospitals rated level 4 and above.
3️⃣ 92 number of psychiatrists in Kenya. #LetsTalkMentalHealth

The intention of dialogue is to build community awareness about social pressures that lead to mental disorders. We advocate for the protection of individuals from triggers that may cause mental disorders. Advocacy also extends to national/county policies as well as budgetary allocations towards mental healthcare.
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