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TribelessYouth Creatives Hub (Ubuntu space) is a multi-educative collective space for Creatives to network, share ideas, collaborate, learn, gain market accessibility, and push boundaries. Our goal is to create a thriving eco-system that impacts investing opportunities to deliver financial and social double bottom-line returns. The vision is to work with visual artists, performing artists, and tech innovators who are social change agents in the society.

The objective is to create a space where creatives from all walks of life can come together (Beyond Tribes) to network, collaborate and push the boundaries of the creative scene and social activism. Through the collaborations and networks the creative will be guided to market and turn their art into a source of livelihoods.

The methodology After a period of building cultural networks, engaging in cultural activism, provision of information and seeking out social innovation, we will then work on gaining market for our creatives, By the use of a simple Value chain (Creatives  to Marketers and distributors ) Through our online platforms , exhibitions and expos at the Hub and beyond the hub … by creating partnerships with other organizations and companies .

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