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“Woman-Up” and strip for the country to get back on track!

Remember when Ugandan controversial academic and women’s right
advocate Dr. Stella Nyanzi stripped naked and provoked a firestorm of debate and flurry of reactions in Uganda? Do you recall just how this academic big-wig at the prestigious Makerere University’s Institute of Social Research was involved in a dispute with the institute’s director and in retaliation for being locked out of her office discarded her clothes in protest?

The place of Youth in Kenya’s Politics

Kenya is a member of the African Union and a democratic society that has made a commitment to all
citizens, including the youth, to ensure that they are fully involved in all the spheres of the society
including the political sphere.

The Quest For A Tribeless Nation

If battlefields are ever to be drawn, battlefields from where we can take on tribalism, our homes could make pretty much good ones. Nobody is born tribal. Nobody is born hating people from a different tribe. But for what we are told within our households, we end up undermining national cohesion. Thanks to toxic tribal influence, we become our own fears.

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