Tribeless Youth is a youth initiative established in 2016 with a view to promote peaceful coexistence among the youth in Kenya. The organization uses art, music and creativity to demystify the ideologies of “my tribe, my people” with a view to galvanize unity among Kenya’s youthful generation. We advocate for a mental shift from tribal-based stereotypes to issue based politics where leaders are elected out of their competence and policies and not because of their tribe. We are on a mission to catalyze a generation of change makers; a powerful youthful generation that overcomes stereotypes used by politicians, and tribal lords to perpetuate hatred and chaos. We operate under four main principles of Good Governance, Social Justice for all, and Accountability by duty bearers and Inclusion for all.
Tribeless Youth aims at amplifying national values as a point of convergence for Kenyans. We do this through engaging young people in cultural activities intended to bring a sense of purpose among them. Tribeless Youth was founded by young people in Nakuru County in Kenya and has managed to create visible impact through its initiatives.

TribelessYouth works in 5 counties across the country ( Nakuru , Uasin Ngishu , Lakipia, Baringo and Kisumu )


To utilize the power of youth to innovate and to create. The main focus for this project is to utilize history to educate, entertain and explain behavior.