Tribeless Youth

The criminalization of poverty and selective application of COVID 19 protocols

In a purported celebration of the Muslim Eid ul Hadha festival, Kenyan leader of opposition and handshake principal Raila Odinga attracted massive crowds in the port city of Mombasa.  Meanwhile his arch rival Deputy President William Ruto was in Machakos town allegedly meeting with the business community in the region nevertheless making political stabs at his perceived political foes.  A few weeks earlier the President had been spotted in Nairobi… Read More »The criminalization of poverty and selective application of COVID 19 protocols


The elusive COVID 19 vaccine for majority of Kenyans The COVID 19 pandemic continues to ravage the world brutally as a new strain christened, ‘Delta’ is detected in over 24 countries in the world including 12 countries in Africa.  Kenya too has not been spared the devastating effects of the new strain and a third wave.  To date, close to 194,000 cases have been diagnosed in the country with over… Read More »“VACCINE APARTHEID”


Education in Kenya has had its fair share of controversy in the past years, but nothing has put bare the missing links as Covid-19. March 15th 2020 — The Kenyan Government orders closure of all schools and colleges nationwide following the discovery of the first case of COVID-19 in Kenya. This disrupts learning for 17 million learners across the country.For the ten months that learners remained at home, a lot… Read More »EDUCATION IN CRISIS

The Plight of ART & Artists amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic

Most artists including, DJs, performing artists like puppeteers, actors and musicians, painters, spoken word artists and generally the entire performing artists family, rely on events to make a living. With the current pandemic restricting and limiting public gatherings, most artists have relied on online spaces to showcase their work. This has had a devastating effect especially on the income and livelihood of the artists and their dependants


#TendaWema | GoodDeeds

Sonia Virdee: The Gift that keeps on Giving Few days ago, we braved the numbing morning weather and set out to talk to a lady whose extraordinary work we’ve been hounding on social media platforms. Upon arrival at her family home in South B, we were welcomed by a rather fierce growl from “Simba”, their 7 year old Rottweiler. But the nervousness of the dog growl was quickly washed away… Read More »#TendaWema | GoodDeeds

The place of Youth in Kenya’s Politics

Kenya is a member of the African Union and a democratic society that has made a commitment to all
citizens, including the youth, to ensure that they are fully involved in all the spheres of the society
including the political sphere.

The Quest For A Tribeless Nation

If battlefields are ever to be drawn, battlefields from where we can take on tribalism, our homes could make pretty much good ones. Nobody is born tribal. Nobody is born hating people from a different tribe. But for what we are told within our households, we end up undermining national cohesion. Thanks to toxic tribal influence, we become our own fears. Thanks to tribalism, we dread even the least dreadful… Read More »The Quest For A Tribeless Nation