Claming spaces for political participation

Claiming spaces for political participation

Tribeless Youth emphasizes the pressing need for more youth engagement in governance and their active participation in political and decision-making processes. Both formal and informal modes of engagement qualify as political participation, each vital to fostering a robust and resilient democracy. Such participation not only strengthens our democratic fabric but also ensures that the voices of the young resonate within the corridors of power, illuminating the path to a more inclusive future. Addressing the needs of the youth mandates their active and meaningful participation in society. Meaningful involvement implies creating an ecosystem where young individuals and youth-led organizations are equipped with opportunities, resources, and an environment that promotes their growth. These elements, underpinned by evidence-based policies and programs, are instrumental in realizing young people’s rights to be part of democratic processes. Furthermore, integrating the youth perspective is pivotal for the achievement of internationally agreed development goals and rejuvenating the broader development agenda.