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Naka Estate, Community Center Building. Nakuru
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Space For Political Participation

The Tribeless Youth initiative is aimed at energizing and mobilizing the young population in
Kenya, particularly those from marginalized communities who have historically been left out
of crucial conversations about their futures. By leveraging the power of informal dialogue
forums, digital media, and exchange programs, the project seeks to bridge the information
gap that exists between the youth and the mechanisms of governance.

Through storytelling and capacity-building activities in existing hubs across Nakuru, Baringo, Laikipia, and
Kisumu, the initiative endeavors to educate the youth on their civic duties and rights, enabling them to voice their concerns, demand better service delivery, and hold their leaders accountable. These activities are designed not just to foster a sense of national identity and civic engagement among the youth but also to equip them with the skills needed to navigate and influence the socio-political landscape effectively.

At its core, the Tribeless Youth initiative recognizes the critical role that young Kenyans can
play as opinion leaders and future change-makers within their communities and the nation at
large. By addressing the challenges of ethnic-based politics and political apathy, the project
aims to cultivate a generation of informed, engaged, and empowered young individuals
capable of contributing to meaningful dialogue and constructive action.

The focus on digital media skills and advocacy training is particularly strategic, positioning the youth to leverage modern communication platforms for social change. Ultimately, the initiative seeks to
transform the participants into economically empowered citizens who are actively engaged in
shaping the democratic and socio-economic contours of Kenya, fostering a renewed sense
of patriotism and community solidarity in the process.