Usanii ni sauti

The “Usanii ni Sauti” project  seeks to cultivate a new generation of artivists deeply attuned to their political surroundings. We recognize the transformative power of art combined with activism, and our primary goal is to nurture artists who can draw meaningful connections between historical contexts and contemporary issues. Through art, we aim to create resonant voices that can reflect on the past while actively engaging with the present.

Central to our mission is the emphasis on mentorship. We believe that the wisdom of experienced artivists and artists can provide invaluable guidance to budding talents. With this in mind, the Usanii ni Sauti project is dedicated to bridging the gap between generations, fostering an ecosystem where knowledge transfer is organic, and growth is mutual. By building these intergenerational connections, we ensure that the torch of artivism is passed on, burning brighter with each generation.

Lastly, while urban centers often get the limelight, we recognize the immense potential residing in rural areas. Young, rural-based artists are a wellspring of creativity and insight, often acting as pivotal agents in championing civic spaces and rights. Through the Usanii ni Sauti project, we aim to spotlight these emerging voices, ensuring they receive the recognition and platform they deserve. Together, we’re not just celebrating art but empowering a movement.