Uwazi na uwajibikaji

uwazi na uwajibikaji

The Uwazi na Wajibikaji program is a pivotal initiative in Nakuru County, aiming to enhance the active involvement of youth and marginalized groups in the county’s developmental processes. Central to the program’s mission is the augmentation of engagement levels among Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and the youth in shaping the Nakuru County Integrated Development Plans (CIDP). The success of this engagement is quantified through increased participation in specialized hubs, fostering dialogue, co-creation of ward-specific development agendas, and ensuring the county government’s responsiveness to its citizenry.

Recognizing the digital era’s power, the program employs innovative mediums to ensure public awareness and participation. Through TL’s social media channels, findings and research are broadcasted, inviting public discourse. This digital outreach is diversified with podcasts, animations, cartoons, and puppetry to cater to a wide audience spectrum. Engagement levels, video shares, feedback, and content dissemination serve as performance indicators, ensuring the program’s objectives resonate with the public.

The linchpin of the program is fostering commitment among public authorities to value and act upon citizen participation. Advocacy forums under Uwazi na Wajibikaji play a crucial role in driving this awareness. Tracking the tangible steps taken post these forums to promote citizen engagement encapsulates the program’s success in bridging the gap between Nakuru County’s development ambitions and its people’s voices.